DOB Inspector Graduates 105 New Inspectors

by Aaron Munk on November 16, 2017 16 Nov, 2017

In early November, the Department of Buildings welcomed 105 newly minted inspectors at the 2017 inspector graduation ceremony.

Did you get all that? That means there are now exactly one hundred and five more inspectors making the rounds at NYC properties than there were just a few weeks ago. That’s a whole lot of newbie inspectors in town!

Does that thought give you the jitters? Worried that with all these new recruits the random inspections will start coming more often?

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Annual Safety Notice Mailings Done Right

by Ahuva Ruvel on November 5, 2017 05 Nov, 2017

The end of the year is always a busy time for property owners – and we’re not talking holiday shopping. The end of the year is always a busy time for property owners – and we’re not talking holiday shopping.

At each year’s end, those dreaded Annual Safety Notice Mailings need to go out, with all that entails.

NYC law requires landlords to send yearly safety documentation and forms to tenants in order to ensure compliance with city agencies.

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Our Guide to Finding the Right Tenants

by Lilly Rabinowitz on October 24, 2017 24 Oct, 2017

One of the biggest challenges of being a successful landlord is finding the right tenants. You want courteous, responsible tenants who will be timely with the rent and take proper care of your property.

Tenants who don’t fall into these categories can be nightmares for landlords. Without properly researching your tenants, you can be stuck with renters who trash your property or are notoriously late with the rent. Even worse, you can find yourself with squatters who refuse to leave and refuse to pay you a single cent.

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Preparing Your Properties for Hurricane Season

by Steven Pasternack on September 28, 2017 28 Sep, 2017

The recent weeks have brought unprecedented, record breaking hurricanes that have wreaked havoc on many of the Caribbean Islands and southern states. Thankfully New York has been spared from their damaging effects, but New Yorkers are not in the clear just yet.  Hurricanes can blow in anytime from early June through the end of November, with the worst storms often hitting late in the season. In fact, meteorologists and environmental researchers claim that the current combination of above-average sea surface temperatures and weak wind shear will give rise to one of the worst hurricane seasons New York has ever seen.

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How to Raise the Rent

by Mindy Datik on September 15, 2017 15 Sep, 2017

As a landlord, one of your biggest challenges is keeping your tenants happy and your own business sense satisfied. You want to stay profitable, but at the same time, you don’t want to scare any tenants away.

Raising the rent requires a delicate blend of marketing research, legal compliance, and public relations. It is also key to earning the true value on your property.

How often should you raise the rent,

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