How to Raise the Rent

by Mindy Datik on September 15, 2017 15 Sep, 2017

As a landlord, one of your biggest challenges is keeping your tenants happy and your own business sense satisfied. You want to stay profitable, but at the same time, you don’t want to scare any tenants away.

Raising the rent requires a delicate blend of marketing research, legal compliance, and public relations. It is also key to earning the true value on your property.

How often should you raise the rent,

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Revealing the Government’s Code

by Megan Feldman on September 12, 2017 12 Sep, 2017

The NYC government can be called many things: powerful, all-knowing, and relevant. They are also mysterious. There are thousands of government decisions that are simply impossible to understand with the human mind – perhaps because they are not products of the human mind. Most government decisions are actually created via a complicated algorithm code. This code has been designed to ensure absolute fairness and equality.

All that mystique, though, may soon be subject to change.

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The Internet of Things and Benchmarking

by David Mintz on August 29, 2017 29 Aug, 2017

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for quite some time now, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, or the IoT, refers to the connection of random electronic devices to the internet. It’s more than just smartphones, laptops and Google Glasses that can be accessed online these days. In our increasingly online world, a heart monitor, kitchen appliances and cars can all be connected to the IoT.

According to tech experts,

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Jaffa Employee Appreciation Evening

by Aaron Munk on August 17, 2017 17 Aug, 2017

The Jaffa employees enjoyed an Employee Appreciation Evening last month (July 29, 2017) on board a luxurious yacht that sailed around the NYC harbor. Treated to a night of magic, caricatures, good food and games, the Jaffa staff returned to work re-energized to continue servicing their NYC property management clients and continue tackling NYC’s compliance and resolution issues.

Jack Jaffa & Associates’ Alert Services Introduction

by Michael Jaffa on July 20, 2017 20 Jul, 2017

An overview of Jack Jaffa & Associates’ Alert Service software, including a glimpse of their new Tenant Portal and Insurance Tracking features. See how to use the redesigned Buildings Quickview, Record Quickview, Reporting and more so that you can TRACK, MANAGE and RESOLVE all your NYC property compliance issues efficiently and effectively!