What the Local Law 133 Means for You as a Landlord

by Alexandra Schwab on July 13, 2017 13 Jul, 2017

Just when you thought you had the NYC compliance code down pat, it goes and changes on you again. 2018 promises to bring yet another amendment to the compliance code, which you, as a landlord, must observe or risk being issued a violation.

No worries, though. As always, Jack Jaffa & Associates is here to guide you through the latest amendment to our city’s complicated compliance code.

Going green is always in vogue.

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Training Seminar July, 3rd 2017

by Michael Jaffa on July 4, 2017 04 Jul, 2017

Once again, the Jaffa staff took part in an intensive training seminar to ensure that they are up to date on all NYC code, compliance laws, violation resolutions and the many updates to the Jaffa client software helping Jaffa clients TRACK. MANAGE & RESOLVE NYC compliance and violations.

What the Local Law 153 Means for You as a Landlord

by Robert Fried on June 27, 2017 27 Jun, 2017

Most major hazards announce themselves loudly – think fires, coastal storms, and floods. Others are subtle and stealthy, growing audaciously while you are blissfully unaware of their existence. When you finally realize what’s happening, the damage they’ve caused can be extraordinarily expensive.

Gas leaks are one such insidious peril. They can cause tremendous damage and often lead to a full-blown, catastrophic explosion. Landlords in NYC need to be extra vigilant about their gas lines,

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Jack Jaffa Alert Service Redesigned

by Michael Jaffa on May 16, 2017 16 May, 2017

Jack Jaffa’s has recently updated and redesigned their alert service making changes to the system to make it more user-friendly, provide more data and help their clients stay compliant.

These changes are taking the frustration out of Tracking. Managing. and Resolving your compliance issues and with them the system now helps you stay NYC code compliant for the DOB,ECB HPD and FDNY. Additionally, the system also gives the end user access to offline data previously inaccessible to them such as FDNY violation orders,

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Training Seminar January, 17th 2017

by Michael Jaffa on January 18, 2017 18 Jan, 2017

Yesterday the Jaffa team took part in an intensive training seminar. With NYC code changing rapidly, so are the Jaffa services and advanced system. Which is why the Jaffa team works hard to ensure that they are always on top of the newest laws & regulations as well as any changes to the Jaffa protocol or system.

The event was located in the Brooklyn Sheraton, where the Jaffa team was addressed by many different speakers including several of their department heads,

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