Jack Jaffa & Associates has held a pioneering role in creating a structured and effective model for removing violations issued by various NYC agencies. This system has been recognized by real estate industry leaders across the city as the most comprehensive violations management tool.

With remote 24/7 access into our integrated state-of-the-art information system, our clients have the ability to monitor progress of each violation being handled by our firm. Jack Jaffa & Associates has spent many years perfecting this system. Although we’re glad that our clients find this support instrument indispensible, we believe that this system would be worthless without our skillful execution of the different mechanisms that go into removing
a violation.

Many years of experience in this field have contributed to our firm’s success in correcting, eliminating and minimizing our clients’
financial and administrative burdens relating to violation matters. We’ve learned to go through extraordinary lengths to anticipate
your needs as a result, and we’ve concentrated our expertise in the following areas:
• Researching and obtaining all existing copies of issued violation notices
• Preparing all necessary documents and required affidavits for dismissal of violations
• Representing our clients’ interests at single or multiple Administrative Hearings
• Scheduling inspections and meeting departmental inspectors
• Expediting the removal of violations from official records
• Providing general counsel to avoid reissuance of violations
Our knowledgeable team of seasoned consultants is ready to guide clients faced with the challenges of dealing with agencies such as:
Department of Buildings
Department of Sanitation
Environmental Control Board
Department of Transportation
Department of Health
Department of Housing Preservation and Development
Fire Department
Criminal Court
Whether you need help with just one violation or with thousands of violations, Jack Jaffa & Associates will work with you to create custom tailored and all-inclusive solutions to fit your specific needs.