VIDEO 2021 Safety Mailing Done Smarter & Safer

Covid-19 and the restrictions implemented by NYC makes completing your end of the year property management tasks even more complicated than ever. With Jaffa’s non-contact safety mailing and stress-free auditing, we take away the stress of handling these and all your other compliance tasks.

In addition to their already comprehensive service, Jaffa has adapted their system and services to handle the new normal.


With our customized tenant portal for online responses, easy QR codes, and free call-in number, your tenants can submit their responses while maintaining social distancing. And because all tenant responses are sent directly to our office, and we upload all paperwork, this task is handled efficiently even if you are currently still working remotely.

Our mailing service includes all NYC requirements including:

Emergency Preparedness Guide

FDNY Checklist

Window Guard

Lead Paint Notice

Stove Knob Safety Covers


Audits for Record Production are at an all-time high, which means that you run the risk of being audited. Our portal allows you to compile, store, and access all required documents at a touch of the button so that you don’t need to worry about being audited. Just log-in, print, and arrive with everything you need to avoid violations.

2020 was COMPLICATED enough, why not SIMPLIFY your 2021 compliance? Contact a Jaffa Sales Representative to find out how.

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