Q: Are there any tax-related deadlines I need to know about aside from the actual Tax Day in April?

JA: Yes, there are. There are three additional tax-related deadlines you need to know about:

1. March 1st – Deadline to appeal Assessment to Tax Commission for Class 2, 3, and 4 properties
2. March 15-deadline for property owners to file personal exemptions with the DOF, including the STAR, DHE, DRIE, Veterans, Clergy, SCHE, and SCRIE exemptions.
3. March 15-deadline to appeal the Assessment to Tax Commission for Class 1 properties.
And since these are all deadlines that can potentially save you money, we’re going to guess you’re not going to want to skip them.
For all your compliance deadlines, including those that both cost and save you money, you can always check out our Compliance Deadline Calendar.

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