Why You Need to Use Tenant Surveys

by Michael Jaffa on October 19, 2018 19 Oct, 2018

The days are long gone when complaining about a company meant spending hours on hold waiting to talk to a customer service rep. In our digital world, all it takes is a few keystrokes for a customer’s less-than-satisfactory experience to go public—or even viral.

With businesses growing more transparent and bending over backwards to cater to their clients’ needs, is there still a place for the old-time customer survey?

As a property owner,

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What’s New at the DOB?

by Alexandra Schwab on October 1, 2018 01 Oct, 2018

Sometimes it can feel like the NYC compliance code changes as often as the weather. What’s lawful and compliant today can be a reason for a violation tomorrow. Keeping up with the constant changes isn’t easy—but that’s where we come in. Jack Jaffa & Associates is committed to keeping you informed about all the changes the DOB implements to the NYC compliance code and all related regulations.

Here’s a brief overview of the changes made to the NYC compliance code over the last few months:


Elevator Compliance Filings to Launch in DOB NOW: Safety

In July,

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All You Need to Know About Local Law 141

by Michael Jaffa on September 19, 2018 19 Sep, 2018

On August 24th, 2018, the DOB officially amended Local Law 141 of the administrative code of NYC, effective immediately.

Are you wondering what you need to know about these recent changes? We’ve got you covered! As always, Jack Jaffa & Associates is committed to keeping you in the loop about the latest developments and changes to NYC’s compliance code.

Read on to learn all you need to know about Local Law 141.

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All You Need to Know About the NY Rent Hike

by Mindy Datik on August 26, 2018 26 Aug, 2018

Early last month, NYC’s Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) voted to approve the largest rent increase on regulated apartments since 2013. The vote was cast with the narrowest margin possible, and the public reaction to the vote has been a vociferous mix of disappointment and resentment.

As always, Jack Jaffa & Associates is here to bring you the inside scoop on anything and everything NYC landlord-related in the news. Read on for all you need to know about the recent rent hike.

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8 Marketing Strategies to Help You Rent Your Property

by Gabrielle Klein on August 7, 2018 07 Aug, 2018

Vacancies are more than just a trivial annoyance; they can put a serious strain on your budget and cost you big. But attracting those perfect tenants can be challenging.

Fill up those empty units by marketing your property the right way. You’ll need to go beyond the faded “For Rent” sign near your building in order to get the word out – and we’re here to help you do just that.

Read on for 8 fantastic marketing strategies that will help you fill up those vacancies fast!

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