Q: I recently installed a pool in one of my buildings. Now that summer is coming, we’ll be opening it to our tenants. What inspections and obligations do we need to fulfill to meet safety and health standards?

JA: Firstly, good for you for putting a pool in your building, and even better that you’re being proactive about its compliance!

Pools are a great addition to any building, but they do require proper maintenance and inspections. Therefore, you will want to be sure to do regular water quality testing and proper maintenance of pool equipment.

You should also make sure to comply with fencing and barrier requirements and adhere to safety standards for pool operations and local health department regulations.

And more importantly, you’ll want to perform regular inspections of your pool.

If you’re already using our Jaffa deFINEd app, then you can use our pool inspection template and tweak it to your specific requirements. The easy-to-use inspection portal for all preventative inspections such as pool inspections coupled with the ability to customize inspections, makes the task of inspections as easy as clicking some buttons. Now if only everything in your life was this simple, you might actually be able to enjoy a few laps in your building’s pool yourself.

If you want more information about how the inspection portal works, you can check out our tutorial video on our PREdeFINEd module here.

And if you’re not using our app yet?
It’s worth a try, especially for all your inspections. Our clients are loving how easy it is to manage their compliance but are especially blown away by the inspection options. Trust us, it will revolutionize the way you stay compliant and help you to ensure your entire building, including your pool is always safe & compliant.

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