Meet Jaffa’s Gabrielle Klein of Real Estate Weekly’s 2019 Leading Ladies

Gabrielle is a leading force in the company’s expansion as New York City’s leading real estate compliance consulting firm. Gabrielle began her career as a business development specialist and over the past decade has been a leader in every division within Jaffa until her promotion to her current role. Her knowledge of every aspect of NYC compliance law has helped her offer guidance to the most prominent names in real estate in navigating the complexities of NYC’s compliance regulations.

Gabrielle’s interpersonal acumen has been a major factor in the smooth internal operations of Jaffa. Her qualities have majorly impacted the firms continued growth as well as it’s doubling in size over the past three years to almost 20 million in revenue in 2018. Gabrielle is unique in her ability to balance the tenacity of her business development days with the emotional intelligence that makes her the incredible leading and supportive figure within the office.

Besides for her professional accomplishments, Gabrielle is a proud mother of two, is an active and influential member of several New York City charities and organizations. and was instrumental in the expansion of multiple community education centers and has regular involvement in a family services center.

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