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Completing our full range of services, Jack Jaffa & Associates’ acclaimed monitoring software is an
industry standard, enabling New York’s property owners and managers the ability to obtain information
on any new complaint and violation issued against their propertyWe now collect more data
than anyone else in the industry, gathering information from TEN agencies, including:

♦ ECB, DEP, DOH, DOT, DSNY– Comprehensive violation and complaint data,
including original copies of all violations and DEP Boiler Registration

♦ DOB–  All available violation and complaint data, including Boilers, Corrections,
elevator Inspections, Permits including AHV, as well as Open applications including Electrical,
Facade, Local Law 84+87 Filings, Stop Work Orders and Vacate Orders

♦ FDNY– Corrections, Permit Account Info, Criminal Summons, Violation
Orders, Certificates of Fitness, and Letters of Approval

♦ HPD– Complete violation and complaint data, including Certificates of Correction,
Emergency Repairs, Litigations, and Registrations

♦ DOF– Deeds, property value, and tax statements

♦ DEC– Petroleum Bulk Tank data

Updated with FDNY Data

In continuing with the Jack Jaffa & Associates mission of staying on top of current market needs and always providing the best this service, we’ve redesigned and updated our Alert Service system to be even more user-friendly and efficient and to include FDNY data.  Jack Jaffa continues to provide innovative solution that streamline the arduous task of managing, organizing and eliminating violations and allowing you to avoid unnecessary ECB and ERP charges and FDNY criminal summonses.


Now including FDNY offline data.

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