Rent Payments

In a move that continues to provide our clients with the most advanced tools needed to succeed in today’s volatile real estate market, Jack Jaffa & Associates recently partnered with PayLeaseTM, the nation’s leading electronic rent payment processors. As a result of this collaboration, our management clients are now able to simplify the acceptance and processing of rental payments through an easy-to-use online interface.

With absolutely NO COST to management companies, this service enables managers to save an enormous amount of time, money, and administrative hassle by streamlining the rental payment process in a manner that benefits both the landlord and tenant.

The system is designed to increase a landlord’s cash flow, decrease administrative costs and prevent late payments, even in cases when a tenant is low on funds. Besides reducing tenant delinquencies and offering convenience to all users, the e-payment option relieves tremendous burdens often carried by the management firms’ collections departments.


valuable time and money by automating the rent collection process


collection efforts and reduce administrative cost

No Fees

No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees, NO FEES – PERIOD


resident late payments, even in cases when tenant is low on funds


notifications when payments are accepted, deposited, or returned

Directly integrate

the new system into your existing accounting software and get real-time reports


error-prone and untimely manual data entry

Easy to use

for both tenants and renters alike

Go paperless

no more checks to write, envelopes to send or stamps to buy in order to make rent payments


Month-to-month contract terms mean you are never locked into a long term commitment

Features Include

rent payments 1 front
rent payments 1 back
rent payments 2 back
rent payments 3 back
rent payments 4 front
rent payments 4 back
rent payments 6 back
rent payments 7 front
rent payments 7 back
rent payments 8 back

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