Q: The HPD issued a mold violation on my building. WHAT DO I DO NOW?

A: Great Question!

Because of the health risk they present, mold violations can result in high penalties and fines. If you’ve been issued a mold violation, you’ll need to have mold remediation work done on your building and then file the following two forms with the DEP online:

  1. Mold Remediation Work Plan Notification Form- this must be filed no later than 48 hours before the mold remediation work commences.
  2. Post-Remediation Assessment Form and Mold Post-Remediation Certification- This must be filed within seven days after completion of the remediation work.

To remove a violation, you must first correct the condition and then certify that the violation has been corrected within the given time period.

To correct Class B and Class C mold violations in buildings with more than 10 units, it’s important to note that you MUST hire two separate, independent companies for mold assessment and mold remediation. The contractors must be licensed by New York State to perform mold assessment and/or mold remediation. You may not use the same company to perform both.

In addition, regular Allergan inspections for mold can help prevent future violations.

You can read up more about mold inspections and violations on our blog.

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