COMPLIANCE deFINEd: Backflow Prevention Devices

What is it & what are your requirements?

As per the DOB and DEP, all apartment buildings, medical and dental offices, and other facilities that have laundry machines, AC cooling towers with anti-freeze, boiler with rust inhibitors or other water treatment chemicals, and/ortwo or more service lines from city water mains must install a backflow prevention device.

In addition, owners of these buildings must

Hire a registered architect or licensed engineer to prepare plans for install of device

Submit plans to the DEP for approval

Hire a master plumber to apply to the DOB for a permit for the device

Inspect and test the device when first installed as well as annually

Submit Report on Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Device (GEN215B) to DEP


Testing must be completed by a state-certified backflow prevention device testers who is employed by a licensed plumber

How can the Jaffa team help me avoid this violation?

As with all violations, if you have received a violation for not having the proper Backflow prevention device, the Jaffa team can help you resolve this violation and negotiate your penalty or fine.

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How much?


Are there any other risks?

If a backflow into the city water main occurs, DEP can cut off water to the building and may
issue a Cease and Desist to stop water services entirely.

Form Required


Installation of this device are eligible for major capital improvement (MCI) rent increases.


Application for approval (GEN236) $350 per service connection

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