DOB Inspector Graduates 105 New Inspectors

In early November, the Department of Buildings welcomed 105 newly minted inspectors at the 2017 inspector graduation ceremony.

Did you get all that? That means there are now exactly one hundred and five more inspectors making the rounds at NYC properties than there were just a few weeks ago. That’s a whole lot of newbie inspectors in town!

Does that thought give you the jitters? Worried that with all these new recruits the random inspections will start coming more often? After all, the DOB needs to keep all of these graduates busy! What does all this mean for your property?

No worries; it doesn’t quite work like that! The DOB’s random inspections are determined using a complicated algorithm and are in no way related to the amount of rookie inspectors waiting to get out into the field. It’s a bit more systematic than a supervisor sending a bored inspector to your building on a whim.

Aside from these surprise inspections, don’t forget that all licensees, registered architects, and professional engineers are required to request inspections in the following areas:

  • Electrical Signs
  • Fire Suppression
  • Boilers
  • Construction Cranes & Derricks
  • Elevators
  • BPP
  • Oil Burning Equipment
  • Sustainability
  • Plumbing
  • High Rise Initiative

When you requested the inspection yourself and you have more than enough time to prepare for it, it isn’t all that daunting. Random inspections, on the other hand, can be super scary.

Are you constantly looking over your shoulder anxiously awaiting that surprise inspection? Do you have nightmares about the inspector finding you neglectful in any of the hundreds of ways you need to abide by NYC’s compliance code?

Take a deep breath and relax; we’ve got you covered! Our next blog will cover the FAQs you need to know about DOB inspections, so you never have to feel unprepared again. And if you find complying with NYC’s safety regulations and all the accompanying laws overwhelming, just ask us how we can help. Jack Jaffa & Associates is committed to making compliance painless and simple.

With Jack Jaffa & Associates, you’ll never fear an inspection again!

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