Jack Jaffa Alert Service Redesigned (Demo)

Jack Jaffa’s has recently updated and redesigned their alert service making changes to the system to make it more user-friendly, provide more data and help their clients stay compliant.

These changes are taking the frustration out of Tracking. Managing. and Resolving your compliance issues and with them the system now helps you stay NYC code compliant for the DOB,ECB HPD and FDNY. Additionally, the system also gives the end user access to offline data previously inaccessible to them such as FDNY violation orders, criminal summons and account permit information and so much more. These improvement are just the start of many coming soon to the Alert Service, with new features that will help the Jaffa clients’ manage their compliance and violation better, easier and smarter, being added all the time.

For a demo, of these changes, give a Jaffa representative a call and see for yourself how the Alert Service can help you with your tracking, managing and resolving of all your compliance and violation issues.