Introducing the Jaffa DeFINEd app: Compliance at Your Fingertips

It’s 2021. You can shop for a chandelier, order dinner, and get a 3-D tour of your friend’s new apartment with a few quick swipes on your phone.

Shouldn’t you be able to access that same convenience for your compliance management needs?

Now you can!

The Jaffa team is proud to announce the launch of our very own app: Jaffa DeFINEd. The app is a powerful tool for property owners and building managers designed with your needs in mind. Now you can track and manage all your compliance-related tasks in one convenient location.

The app blends cutting-edge technology with the most comprehensive compliance management services, all on a sleek and user-friendly interface that allows you to get more done in less time.

Streamline Your Tasks for Increased Productivity

As a NYC building owner, you’re always juggling too many balls in the air at once, from pending violations to ECB hearing dates, annual safety mailings, inspections and so much more. How can you stay on top of all your compliance-related tasks without dropping a ball?

With Jaffa DeFINEd, juggling all those balls is easy. You’ll have all the information you need, from pending compliance tasks, to live work orders and details on every tenant in every building you own, all in one location. The app stores all the data you need and keeps it organized in neat, methodical lists so that you don’t have to.

Get More Done, Wherever You Are

Don’t you hate wasting time when your to-do list is overflowing? Sometimes, though, you don’t have a choice, like when you’re waiting in line at the bank or stuck on a crowded train during your commute home from work. How can you turn these stretches of quiet time into bursts of productivity?

With Jaffa DeFINEd, you don’t have to wait until you’re back in the office or in front of your computer to get work done. With just a few quick keystrokes, you can now assign a task, communicate with your team, ask a tenant for a signature, manage your properties and more, anywhere and anytime.

Stay on Schedule, Always

You want to be ahead of your packed calendar, but with hearings, deadlines, inspections and more to keep track of, it’s a struggle just to keep up with the daily grind. How can you boost your punctuality and stick to your schedule when you have so much on your plate?

With Jaffa DeFINEd, missed deadlines are a thing of the past. You can sync your calendars on the app, set reminders, and track pending tasks from anywhere. The color-coded calendar allows you to view your work orders, violations, upcoming deadlines and anything else you need to tend to soon, at a glance.  And with the app’s powerful productivity tools and detailed workflow, procrastination is so 2020.

Jaffa DeFINEd will keep you on-schedule and on-task. Always.

Enjoy Complete Synchronization

The Jaffa deFINEd app was created to completely synchronize with our existing online portal, allowing us to completely streamline the Correction and Hearing process. Any notes or documents uploaded by a Jaffa team member to the Jaffa online system will sync with the Jaffa deFINEd app, allowing users to view all items on their phone. And any pictures or notes added by you on the App will sync to our system allowing our team member to view and review them as needed. So whether you’re on the app or on the online system, you’ll always have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Compliance Done Right

Another day, another potential violation. As a NYC building owner trying to avoid getting slapped with penalties, compliance can be one big headache. How can you keep your buildings in line with the law when there are so many tasks you need to do in order to be fully compliant?

With Jaffa DeFINEd, it only takes a few quick swipes to keep your buildings on the right side of the law. Use the app to upload files, capture and send images of corrected violations, track the annual safety mailing process from beginning to end, schedule ECB hearings, and export completed inspections for future reference, and so much more.

The new Jaffa deFINEd app: Compliance made easy.

Ready to simplify your compliance? Download the Jaffa defined app today at Google Play or the App Store.

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