COMPLIANCE deFINEd: LOCAL LAW 55-The Asthma-Free Housing Act

What is it & what are your requirements?

All multiple-dwelling property owners in NYC must investigate and remove all indoor health hazards which trigger asthma and apply measures to ensure that their properties remain free of these triggers.

Have a licensed professional inspect for allergen hazards

Remove any allergen hazard

Ensure your buildings are sealed from all pests.

Repair any existing holes or cracks

Include a notice of your obligations with tenants’ leases.

Having mold conditions in your buildings is more serious, and you need to take immediate steps to correct it. However, mold hazards must be assessed and remediated by both a NYS licensed Mold Assessor and a NYS licensed Mold Remediator.


Since you will need to perform an investigation annually and may need to remediate several times a year, it is a good idea to have one or more of your maintenance staff receive certification as a Mold Assessor and a Mold Remediator.

How can the Jaffa team help me avoid this violation?

As with all violations, if you have received a violation in relations to this local law, the Jaffa team can help you resolve this violation and negotiate your penalty or fine.

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How much?

As steep as $10,000 per violation

Are there any other risks?

The presence of visible mold that is less than 10 square feet in a single room of a dwelling
is an indoor mold hazard violation. Anything bigger than that in a single room is consider a hazardous violation, which if unresolved can lead to litigations and higher penalties.

Inspections are required once a year.

In addition you must have an inspection when it is deemed necessary such as:

  • A tenant complains about a condition that can be allergen triggers
  • A tenant requests an inspection
  • DOH issues a notice of violation or violation order

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