What is it & what are your requirements?

NYC Health Code requires owners of ALL residential buildings, regardless of size, to protect the health of tenants. Asper DOHMH, this means that owners must correct any mold conditions.

Owners of these buildings must:

Conduct a visual inspection of the buildings for water damage and mold growth

Conduct air monitoring

Remove any mold found

Hire a licensed mold remediator if the mold exceeds 30 square feet

Air monitoring must be conducted if a tenant has diagnosed with a mold exposure disease, mold is in the ventilation system, or mold is suspected due to a musty smell but can’t be found (particles of dust or air)

How can the Jaffa team help me avoid this violation?

As with all violations, if you have received a mold related violation, the Jaffa team can help you resolve this violation and negotiate your penalty or fine.

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How much?


Are there any other risks?

The courts can and may give tenants rent abatement based on mold condition


There is no specific deadline for this issue. Instead, an owners obligation to inspect for, correct and remove any water damage or mold is ongoing and must be done as soon as a complaint is made.

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