Michelle Herrera Mulligan Addresses Jaffa Employees at Annual Training Seminar

In their ongoing efforts to constantly provide better service for NYC’s property owners and managers, Jack Jaffa & Associates hosted earlier this month a comprehensive training seminar for all their employees covering a broad range of topics, including better time management, client crisis management and how to better serve their clients overall. The event took place in the Brooklyn Sheraton where a lavish buffet lunch was served. Michael Jaffa, COO, addressed the crowd, and thanked all the Jaffa employees for all their hard work and tireless dedication to the company and their clients, before introducing the keynote speaker, Michelle Herrera Mulligan.

Ms. Mulligan, noted writer and editor with more than two decades of experience in her respective industries, was brought in to speak to the employees about the essential tools needed to be better employees and provide better customer service. Drawing upon her years of experience, she explained to the Jaffa employees how they can improve upon every client-employee interaction. Along these lines, she discussed specific techniques of how to prioritize one’s commitments so that precious workday hours are not wasted and the important tasks are never neglected, and shared insightful ways to increase TLC to clients. She also demonstrated how to apply optimal client crisis management and stressed the importance of always making clients feel respected and appreciated. Her overall message was centered on ways to become a better service provider, as well as how to increase business and sales.

The Jaffa employees thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, with many stating that they were energized and invigorated to provide better service for their clients, and would start putting her tips to practice immediately. All-in-all, the Jaffa employees and event organizers called the event a resounding success and look forward to future ongoing seminars such as these so they can continue to improve in how they provide the variety of services Jaffa has to offer.