New Trash Regulations for 2023: The DSNY’s Newest Laws

In an effort to mitigate the City’s rat problem, Mayor Adams and the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced new rules for trash and recycling. The new rules, made public on October 17, 2022, will go into effect on April 1, 2023 and strict reinforcements will be in place to ensure compliance.

Here’s what you need to know about the new DSNY laws.

Which buildings will be affected by the new laws?

The new DSNY laws will affect residential and commercial buildings. The rules vary according to building type.

Residential buildings

When the new laws go into effect, residential buildings will have three options for trash disposal:

  1. Place the trash in a secure container at the curb after 6 PM and no later than 12AM.
  2. Place the trash directly on the curb after 8 PM and no later than 12AM.
  3. Buildings with nine or more residential units can choose to opt into the Multiunit Building Collection Program, which allows you to set out the trash after 4AM and no later than 7AM. This program application option will only be available for the month of January of each year and will enable the DSNY to build the most efficient routes, which will take effect on April 1. You can apply to this program HERE.

The new rules will minimize the amount of time trash sits at the curb, which will hopefully reduce the rat problem in the City.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings often hire a private waste company to manage their trash removal instead of relying on service from the DSNY. However, they are still required to abide by the new city regulations for trash removal.

Commercial buildings have two options trash disposal:

  1. Put trash bags directly on the curb after 8 PM if putting bags directly on the curb.
  2. Place trash in a secure container one hour before closing.

Here, too, the new rules will minimize the amount of time trash sits at the curb, which would help resolve rodent issues.

As a property owner, it’s important to note that the new rules will likely have a significant impact on how you manage your buildings, from staff scheduling, to property maintenance and more. Plan ahead for these changes before they actually go into effect so that you are full prepared to remain compliant while keeping your buildings running as efficiently as possible.

How can I keep my property free of rodents?

A rat problem can be a nightmare for a property owner and their tenants. In addition to complying with the city’s trash disposal rules, follow these tips to keep your buildings free of rodents:

  • Clean up often and clean up well. Garbage provides a hiding place and source of sustenance for rats. Keep the area surrounding your property free of garbage and clutter.
  • Use rat-resistant garbage bags. Invest in specialized rat-proof garbage bags for the trash in front of your tenant buildings to keep the rodents out.
  • Make sure your tenants have sufficient trash containers. Any exposed and overflowing garbage will invite rats.
  • Trim your grass and landscaping. Overgrown grass, tall weeds and shrubs provide the perfect place for rats to live and nest. Keep your landscaping cut short to keep the rats out.
  • Don’t feed the animals. Encourage your tenants not to leave food out for birds, cats, squirrels or any other animals as this will attract undesired creatures, like rats.
  • Seal the holes in your property. Have an expert check the foundation of your buildings, the sidewalk in front of your properties and under doors for holes and cracks. Seal every hole as each one can be an access point for rats.

The new rules won’t go into effect for another few months, but you may want to familiarize your staff with the new trash disposal system in advance so they are fully prepared. You can view the DSNY updated rules on their SITE.

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