Video: Annual Safety Mailing with Jaffa just got a whole lot BETTER!

NYC has made some recent changes to your annual safety mailing requirements. As always, Jaffa, has made has made some changes too ensuring that when you trust them to handle your safety mailing, you’re covered for whatever NYC throws at you and are always compliant with the ever-changing laws.

In addition, NYC has been cracking down on landlords unable to produce required tenant documents when requested, with over 200 Violations already issued in 2019 already! And while you may not have noticed (hopefully, you haven’t yet), Jaffa has certain taken noticed and has added some cool BONUS FEATURES completely FREE OF CHARGE to help you track, manage, compile and create reports with your tenant documents.

Watch our short video to find out all your new requirement and how Jaffa can help you with them or visit:

Isn’t it time you started doing your safety mailings, SMARTER & BETTER?

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