Q: How do I comply with energy conservation regulations while keeping residents comfortably cool in the heat?

JA: Balancing energy conservation and residents’ comfort can be a real juggling act! Here are some ideas to help with this Catch-22. First of all, make sure your HVAC systems are properly maintained and cleaned, replacing filters regularly and inspecting ductwork. This goes a long way in energy conservation. Another thing that can help is being energy efficient by using programmable thermostats, and encouraging energy-conscious behavior among residents. Educating them on energy-saving tips or even implementing an energy-reduction campaign can help with that. You may want to consider conducting energy audits to pinpoint where you can improve and cut down on energy use. And of course, it’s important to stay updated with the latest energy conservation regulations and guidelines from Con Ed and the DOB.

Here are some resources you can check out to find out more about your benchmarking and energy requirements:

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