Lead Testing

Jack Jaffa & Associates is New York City’s leading lead-based paint inspection firm. New York City landlords rely on us for ensuring that they are in full compliance with existing laws requiring inspection by an independent third party firm. We provide high quality, low cost lead inspection and testing through qualified EPA certified inspectors and a fully staffed office devoted to meeting the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to provide a full range of lead-based paint inspection and testing services thereby enabling their clients to fully comply with all applicable regulations, including NYC Local Lead Law 1 and all EPA guidelines.

Our Services Include

Lead dust wipe post abatement clearance testing for HPD and

DOH violations

Lead dust wipe testing required for HPD dismissal requests

Vacant apartment dust wipe testing pursuant to “turnover”

requirements of Local Law 1.

Lead dust wipe testing for insurance policy coverage

XRF Analysis for contestation of presumed lead paint violations

Paint chip sampling for inconclusive XRF results

Lead dust wipe testing for non-violation remediation work

Lead Abatement (third-party vendor)

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