Compliance Deadlines

What's New For 2022

New Signs Required
2021 saw several posting requirements. Make sure you stay compliant with these signs properly displayed in your buildings.

  • Facade Certifications from DOB NOW
  • Building Energy Efficiency Label (Benchmarking Grades)
  • Hurricane Evacuation Zones Notices
  • Smoke/Carbon Detecting Device Notices
  • Fire Safety Signage
  • Gas Leak Notice

NEW Elevator Inspection Requirements
The DOB offcially announced that Periodic elevator inspections are now the sole responsibility of property owners. They must be performed by approved elevator agencies on behalf of building owners.

The new inspection requirements are in addition to existing Category 1 annual requirements, and Category 5 5-year requirements, as applicable.

Approved elevator agencies performing the inspections cannot be affiliated with the agency performing elevator maintenance in the building.

Your Compliance Calendar



  • Last day to distribute annual lead paint/window guard notices to residential tenants DOHMH/HPD
  • First deadline in 2022 to distribute Fire Safety Guides to residential tenants FDNY
  • Deadline to submit annual water tank inspection for 2021 calendar year DOHMH/HPD


  • BEST PRACTICE – Provide annual stove knob cover notices. This is a suggested date based on the start of the law & the timing of annual safety notice mailings HPD



  • Legal deadline for new, renewal, and change requests for the 2022-23 Co-op/Condo abatement (closes on the 16th) DOF


  • Landlords must begin to make reasonable attempts to acquire lead paint/window guard information for non-responsive tenants as part of the annual safety notice mailings process DOHMH/HPD


  • FISP Sub-Cycle 9C filing period opens (Blocks 1, 2, 3). 9A (4, 5, 6, 9) ENDS and 9B (0, 7, 8) is still open. DOB



  • Notify DOHMH of all non-responsive tenants and attempts to acquire information as part of annual safety notice mailings process DOHMH/HPD
  • Deadline to appeal Assessment to Tax Commission for Class 2, 3, and 4 properties DOF


  • Deadline for property owner personal exemptions (STAR, DHE, DRIE, Veterans, Clergy, SCHE, SCRIE) DOF
  • Deadline to appeal Assessment to Tax Commission for Class 1 properties DOF


  • Final day to pay reduced fines for FAIRER OATH Amnesty program. DOF



  • DHCR Registration begins in ARRO system (ends July 31st) DHCR



  • Local Law 84 Benchmarking Report due for 2021 data (all covered buildings 25K square feet and up) DOB


  • Last day of HPD Heat Season for 2021 – 22 HPD



  • Extended deadline for LL 152 filings in Community Districts  2, 5, 7, 13, and 18 DOB


Relax, Take a swim, no deadlines this month


You Deserve a Summer Break.

No Deadlines this month.



  • Deadline for annual HPD registration. Required for multifamily residences (3+ units), designated residences, and hotels HPD



  • 2022 – 2023 Heat Season begins
  • New Building Energy Efficiency label available – replace existing label with latest score before Oct 31st HPD



  • Deadline for annual cooling tower certification DOB



  • Final day to electronically file annual bedbug report for 11/1/21 – 10/31/22 HPD
  • Last day to file annual elevator and boiler inspections for 2022 cycle via DOB NOW: Safety DOB
  • Last day for annual lead paint inspections (LL 1) and allergen hazard inspections (LL 55) HPD
  • Last day to submit Local Law 87 EER for buildings due in 2022 (covered buildings list – 50K sq. Ft – with a last digit of “2” as the building’s tax block number) DOF
  • Last day to perform gas piping system inspections or submit certifications for Community Districts 2, 5, 7, 13, and 18 in all boroughs DOB