As property owners or property manager, you never want to mess around with the fire safety of your buildings and neither does the City. This means there are a load of tasks you must do to ensure complete compliance of NYC code and the safety of your tenants.  And because we know it’s hard to keep track of all your requirements, we created a clear checklist of everything the City requires to keep you compliant and your buildings safe in case of a fire. And while you’re at it, we recommend downloading our Fire Safety Checklist for Tenants to ensure your tenants are doing their part in keeping your building fire safe.


While you’re doing a lot to keep your buildings safe in case of a fire (see our checklist for Property Managers), the best way to ensure the safety of your tenants is to try to prevent a fire in the first place. And while you can control what happens in the common areas, it’s hard to know what’s happening behind closed doors. We recommend printing the following fire safety checklist and distributing it to your clients, so that you can ensure that each of your tenants are doing their part in helping prevent and reducing the spread of fires in your building.


When it comes to Residential buildings there are so many signs to post, that as most property managers joke there is no need to wallpaper your lobby walls, the city does it for you.  But all jokes aside, not having the correct signage posted can mean non-compliance and violations. Here is a comprehensive list of all the signs that must be posted (we said it was a lot).  In addition to posting these signs, property owners are also required to distribute some notices to their tenants. Click here for that checklist.


In addition to the many signs property owners of residential buildings need to post (see our checklist here), property owners are required to distribute various notices throughout the year and upon new leases, turnovers or other instances. Our team has compiled a list of those notices so that you can ensure you always compliant. Plus, if you’re signed up for safety mailings with our teams, you can already check off many of these notices off your list as they’re already included in our safety mailing packet.


Making NYC carbon neutral by 2050 might seem like a giant task but making sure that you’re up to code with all your building’s requirements is simple. Just download and print this checklist to ensure that you are in compliance with every requirement of this law.

LOCAL LAW 33:2018

Local Law 33 of 2018 mandates that all NYC buildings make their energy performance rating visible to the public. Obtaining and displaying your building’s energy and efficacy label doesn’t have to be complicated. Download and print this checklist to ensure that you are in compliance with every requirement of this law. 


When apartment turnover occurs, there is tons to take care of including lead inspection and remediation.  You have enough to think about without worrying about lead. Print and download this checklist to ensure you complete and are in compliance with every requirement of this law.