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New Sprinkler Requirements
The DOB is always issuing new requirements, but many of them only become relevant months, or years later.  The upcoming sprinkler requirement as of November 14, 2021, was instituted by the DOB a full two years ago.
Compliance Updates
OATH Updates
As you likely know by now, the NYC compliance code can change as often as the weather — and the Jaffa team is here to keep you informed, always. We don’t want you to get slapped with a violation because you missed a new or amended law, and we’ll keep you updated about any changes you need to know about so that you always stay compliant.
Local Law 66 of 2019
Local Law 66 of 2019
Collecting Dust: Lead Dust Standards to Change This Year As a property owner, it’s always important to be informed and up to date on laws and regulations to ensure that you remain in compliance
Local Law 160 of 2017
UPDATED AUGUST 16, 2021 The newest update to the law now requires property owners to file a Property Owner Certification Form
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Jaffa DeFINEd App Launch

Introducing the Jaffa DeFINEd app: Compliance at Your Fingertips It’s 2021. You can shop for a chandelier, order dinner, and…