8 Reasons You Should Be Digitizing Your Inspection Process

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you know that the business world is moving online, one industry at a time. And property management isn’t far behind. Across the City and beyond, dozens of property managers have gone mobile, turning to apps that use cutting-edge technology to make their job easier. Team management, annual mailings, and more are quicker and more efficient when digitized.

While every part of property management is more manageable when digitized, the inspection process, which can be tedious and time-consuming, can significantly benefit from being digitized. It’s time to stop stressing about inspections and go mobile. If you haven’t already made the switch, here are eight reasons why you should.

1. Customized Inspections

Does anything say easier to manage than the ability to customize? You and I both know that with inspections, there isn’t a one form fits all. Not only will inspections vary from property manager to property manager, but what you need to inspect will vary unit to unit. So why would you want to deal with tons of paperwork that has nothing to do with YOUR inspection.

Plus, there are so many times that your inspection is not just for one purpose.  After all, why would you visit the same apartment multiple times for multiple inspections if you don’t have to? Apps such as the Jaffa deFINEd app allow you to customize your inspection on their platform so you can choose what inspections you are performing and what information you need included. You can find out more about the Jaffa deFINEd app HERE.

With the Jaffa PredeFINEd Inspection module, you can even create, track and document preventative tasks and inspections on your properties and devices, such as inspections for elevators, boilers, backflow, sprinkler, water towers, cooling towers, HVAC systems, and so much more.

The app also allows you to customize the frequency of inspections, so you can enter precisely how often you need or want to inspect each item.

With the ability to customize the inspection according to YOUR needs, apps allow you to create in-app inspection forms that have everything you need to inspect without anything you don’t need.

2. Never Miss a Step in the Inspection Process

Your team is in the process of completing an inspection, and it’s Bob’s turn to do his job. There’s just one issue: Bob is out on sick leave, or maybe he’s sunning himself on a beach in Cancun. And no one knows the exact details about Bob’s role in the inspection process.

Digitizing your inspections means that every step of the process is clearly detailed and accessible to all team members. When one or more team members are out, you can still get the job done perfectly and on time, too. How’s that for a hassle-free inspection?

3. Communicate with Your Team throughout the process

You’ve got enough on your plate without being on-site at every building, all the time. And when you digitize your inspections, you no longer need to. When your team runs into a hurdle while getting a job done—and they will—they can instantly reach out to you and update you on the latest. You can view their progress on an app. Or, better yet, with apps such as the Jaffa deFINEd app, which automatically syncs their app with their online portal, you can even check the status, pictures, or files your team in the field has uploaded without even leaving your desk. Using an app, especially one integrated with a more comprehensive online portal, can help keep your entire team in the loop about the next step with one quick communication.

Playing phone tag is so last year. 2022 is all about instant communication and easily shared data, files, and images.

4. Instantly Record and Track Inspections

Do you spend half your workday searching for important files and forms? If you’d made the change to a digitized property management app, you wouldn’t have to. When your management is digitized, every filled-out form and captured photo is instantly recorded, tracked, and organized in your platform. There’s no longer a need to search through piles of papers to pull up the one you want; your tech tool will do the job for you with just a few swipes.

Plus, some property management apps, like the Jaffa deFINEd app, allow you to perform inspections directly in the app, so there isn’t any paperwork to fill out, file, scan, or find. That’s definitely saving you a lot of time, stress, and heartache.

Even more incredible, the Jaffa deFINEd app complies all the date from your inspections and auto-prepares all required city forms for a truly 1-step inspection process. These customized (there’s that magic word again) forms (you can check them out HERE) help you file your inspection reports with complete ease and assurance that nothing has been left out of your report.

5. Centralize Operations for Optimal Oversight

Managing a large team of employees is always challenging. When those employees are spread across several sites, proper oversight becomes next to impossible.

Again, it’s the mobile management model to the rescue! When operations are centralized in one online platform, checking on a team member’s work is a matter of a few swipes—and employee management is easy again. You can check up on anyone at any time and review and appraise all kinds of jobs as they’re being completed in real-time.

When your team is working through a multi-step inspection process, centralized oversight is key to its success. Nothing can fall through the cracks when it comes to inspections. With a digitized process and employee oversight at your fingertips, it doesn’t.

6. Get More Work Done, Anywhere and at Anytime

Insomnia got you tossing and turning at 3 a.m.? Stuck on the train for a half-hour ride in rush hour traffic? Instead of battling with frustration over the wasted time, you can use the opportunity to get some work done! Review and approve recent inspections, communicate with team members about an ongoing job, or simply look over your schedule for the next month or week to see what’s coming up on the compliance calendar.

When your office is in your pocket, you can get work done anywhere and at any time.

7. Ease of Use

Some inspection forms can seriously put a cramp in your hand for all the writing you need to do. With an in-app inspection, many tasks are as easy as pressing yes or no to the provided questions. Plus, the ability to take pictures in the app, obtain signatures, and upload files, allow you to easily have all the information right where you need it.

8. Everything is Going Digital

There’s no denying it. The world is going digital. And in the world of property management, it’s no different. Some of the biggest property managers firms have already switched to mobile management and are enjoying the benefits of a quicker, more streamlined inspection process. Our clients already on the app are blown away by how much the apps’ capabilities are making their compliance, especially inspections EASIER, BETTER & LESS STRESSFUL.

If you’re ready to digitize your compliance management, ask a Jaffa representative about the Jaffa defined app or DOWNLOAD it today. Want to see how our app works? Check out our Video tutorials HERE for a quick run-through of all the Jaffa deFINEd features and functions

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