Q: How do I know if my building has been selected for the HPD’s heat sensor program? And what does that mean for me?

JA: The HPD released its most recent list of buildings selected for its heat sensor program in July 2022. You can view the full list of selected buildings here.

If your building is on the list, you should receive a notice of inclusion from the HPD. You’ll then need to meet these requirements:

·        Post a sign on the main entrance door to your building informing your tenants about the program. The sign must be printed in English and Spanish and be posted within 15 days of receiving notice of your inclusion in the program.

·        Install one heat sensor in one living room of each dwelling unit and maintain records of its installation and maintenance.

Are you getting heated up about the heat-sensor program? No worries; we’ve broken it all down for you on our blog! Check it out for a complete list of your requirements.

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