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NYC has some of the strictest regulations for building compliance and audit property managers and owners frequently. Using the Jaffa deFINEd App offers significant benefits, streamlining the process, ensuring compliance and making for easy audits.

Some benefits include:

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Why You Should Be Digitizing Your Inspection Process

New York City is notorious for its rigorous compliance landscape. With frequent audits and strict regulations governing what seems like almost every aspect of property management, navigating these compliance requirements can be a daunting task for property owners and managers, often leading to headaches, stress, and, most painfully, violations. However, embracing digital solutions like the Jaffa deFINEd app can offer a transformative approach to compliance management, revolutionizing operations while ensuring adherence to NYC’s complex regulatory environment.

In addition, the high frequency of audits in NYC underscores the importance of digitizing your compliance management, as traditional manual processes are time-intensive and susceptible to errors and delays, putting properties at risk of non-compliance and penalties. By adopting the Jaffa deFINEd app, property owners and managers can proactively address these challenges, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and streamlining their compliance efforts.

Digitization brings several key advantages, particularly in the context of audits.

  1. Seamless Audit Preparation: The Jaffa deFINEd app centralizes compliance-related data, documentation, and tasks, facilitating comprehensive audit preparation. Property owners and managers can easily access and present the necessary information during audits, reducing the stress and time required to compile and submit physical documents.
  2. Document Management: The Jaffa deFINEd app facilitates seamless document management by allowing property owners and managers to capture, upload, and store photos, signatures, and files directly within the app. This feature eliminates the need for physical paperwork, making documentation easily accessible during audits and inspections.
  3. Accurate and Transparent Reporting: Digitizing compliance management ensures accurate and transparent reporting. The app’s robust record-keeping capabilities maintain precise compliance records, eliminating discrepancies and providing an audit trail for regulatory authorities.
  4. Real-time Collaboration: The app promotes real-time collaboration among in-office and in-field team members. Property owners or management companies, on-site managers, inspectors, and contractors can communicate, share updates, and collaborate on compliance-related tasks, ensuring streamlined operations and efficient decision-making.
  5. Proactive Compliance Monitoring: The Jaffa deFINEd app’s automated reminders and notifications are crucial in staying ahead of compliance requirements. Property owners and managers receive real-time alerts for upcoming inspections, certifications, or renewal deadlines, reducing the risk of missed deadlines and non-compliance issues that could trigger audits.
  6. Multilingual Support: NYC is a diverse city with a multicultural workforce. The Jaffa deFINEd app offers multilingual support, ensuring employees from different linguistic backgrounds can effectively use and navigate the app. App users can choose English, Spanish, Albanian, and Russian, making it accessible to everyone on your team. Clear communication in their preferred language fosters understanding and improves compliance management across the board.
  7. Remote Access and Data Sync: The app allows property owners and managers to access compliance data anytime, anywhere, through secure remote access. Real-time data sync ensures that all team members are working with the most updated information, enhancing collaboration and streamlining compliance management processes.
  8. Complete overview of your portfolio: The Jaffa deFINEd dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all your buildings, upcoming deadlines, tasks, upcoming HPD violations, ECB hearings, and open corrections, so you’re always confident of the status of any of your properties.
  9. Geo-location Verification: The app incorporates geo-location verification, enabling property owners and managers to validate inspections and document their occurrence at specific locations. This feature adds an extra layer of accuracy and accountability, enhancing the integrity of compliance management.


But the Jaffa deFINEd app is about more than just inter-team communication and staying ahead of your audits. Its complete set of features allows for in-app compliance task completion. That’s right! Those pesky tasks that used to involve hours of work and mountains of paperwork you can now do with a few clicks of a button on your phone.

  1. Customizable Inspections with Automated Recurring Inspections: The Jaffa deFINEd app allows you to schedule, perform, and track inspections directly on your phone. It also offers customizable inspection templates, empowering property owners and managers to tailor inspections to their specific compliance requirements. And with the ability to combine inspections and automate recurring inspections, keeping up with all your required and preventative inspections has never been easier.
  2. Work Orders Management: With the app’s streamlined work order management feature, property owners and managers can easily assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with their team members who are completing work orders. This automated system ensures that compliance-related work orders are efficiently executed, reducing the chances of errors and delays and ultimately contributing to overall compliance.
  3. Safety Mailing Processing: For NYC property owners and managers, safety mailings are a tedious task they must complete once a year. And if the initial job of sending out these mailings isn’t annoying enough, chasing after tenants for their responses makes this one task we all genuinely dread. The Jaffa deFINEd app allows for in-app responses, making it easy to both record your attempts (in the case of those aforementioned audits) and get your tenants’ responses.
  4. In-App Support: Because we all need some help sometimes, the Jaffa deFINEd app offers plenty of that. Featuring a complete help section with resources for the NYC property owner or manager, the ability to view open violations on BIS, and an Ask-a-Question button to ask a Jaffa representative your compliance questions, the Jaffa deFINEd makes it easy to get you the help you need. You can even hire Jaffa to resolve your violations for you directly in the app.


As NYC property owners and managers continue to be inundated with NYC’s high audit frequency and stringent regulations, the Jaffa deFINEd app has emerged as a powerful and revolutionizing tool. Embracing digital solutions is the key to simplifying NYC property compliance, and through digitizing compliance processes, property owners and managers can focus on delivering exceptional property management services while ensuring full compliance with NYC’s ever-evolving requirements. As NYC’s compliance landscape continues to evolve, adopting digital solutions like the Jaffa deFINEd app is a strategic investment that paves the way for efficient compliance management and success in the property management industry.

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