Q: Are there any new regulations I have to worry about for the new year?

JA: I’m glad you asked. Because what would a new year be without new regulations, right?

So here are some new laws you have to worry about for 2024.

  1. New Parapet Inspections
  2. New Penalties for Failure to File a Statement of Registration
  3. New XRF Inspections – Okay, this one is technically not new for 2024, but with a deadline in 2025, you better start worrying about these inspections NOW.

Which brings me to something else that is new for 2024!

New regulations also mean new services from the Jaffa team. So, now we are providing the following services, helping you stay compliant no matter what the new year brings.

  1. XRF Inspections
  2. Parapet Inspections
  3. TPP Inspections

For a quick review of everything new (and old) in 2024, check out our compliance calendar, which includes a list of all your deadlines, a to-do list of compliance tasks, and a synopsis of all your new requirements. You can view it online or download and print it as a reference throughout the year.

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