Q: Now that summer is here, anything specific I should be aware of in terms of my cooling towers’ compliance?

JA: Great question! During these summer months, it’s especially important to keep on top of your cooling towers inspections, maintenance, and compliance in order to prevent the spread of Legionnaires Disease.

As per LL 77, owners of buildings with cooling towers are required to:

  • Register any equipment
  • Implement a maintenance system
  • Get annual certification
  • Conduct quarterly inspections
  • Disinfect equipment
  • Keep records of inspections for three years

Performing inspections digitally, such as with the Jaffa deFINEd app (downloadable HERE) makes staying compliant with these regulations simple and hassle-free. Plus, you can digitally store those records so they are easily accessible, downloadable, and ready to be reviewed in case of an audit, without taking up space in your office.

For a quick review of all your cooling tower requirements, you can check out our Jaffa Minute cheat sheet.

Here’s to staying cool (and cool-headed), compliant (without complaints from your staff), and healthy (including eliminating the headaches of performing these regulations manually)!

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