Violation Services

Violation Removal

With remote 24/7 access into our integrated state-of-the-art information system, our clients have the ability to monitor progress of each violation being handled by our firm. Jack Jaffa & Associates has spent many years perfecting this system.

We can help you with

Researching and obtaining all existing copies of issued violation notices

Preparing all necessary documents and required affidavits for dismissal of violations

Representing our client’s interests at single or multiple Administrative Hearings

Scheduling inspections and meeting departmental inspectors

Expediting the removal of violations from official records

Providing general counsel to avoid reissuance of violations

Our knowledgeable team of seasoned consultants is ready to guide clients faced with the challenges of dealing with all city agencies.

Settlement Services

Jack Jaffa & Associates offers innovative strategies for complex property violation settlements. We provide integrated, comprehensive solutions to help structure settlements that are mutually beneficial to both our client and the City. We have assembled a highly-skilled team of professionals to leverage Jack Jaffa & Associates’ relationships, experience and reputation.

Back in 2008, Jack Jaffa himself negotiated a settlement deal with the City of New York for clients who have defaulted on fees they owed the City. Through years of building a relationship with the Commissioner and other key City officials through his flagship violation removal firm, Jack encouraged the City to accept a deal where the firm would collect a high volume of violations for the City in exchange for a heavily discounted settlement payment in which everyone gains.

Clearing your defaulted violations early is important as violations in default collect interest daily at an aggressive rate of 9% a year. The most common consequences of not settling a violation include the risk of having a lien placed on your property, and/or your money being held in escrow towards the violations when a closing or refinance takes place.

Jack Jaffa & Associates’ Settlements Highlights

The First

Pioneer and leading provider of NYC property violation settlements for half a decade.

The Most

More than $10 million in defaulted debt is settled through our firm annually.


The Lowest

Low settlement fees and highest negotiated discounts.