Q: I received a lead violation. Has anything changed since the new lead legislation?

JA: Do you want the good news or the bad news?

The bad news? The new legislation will require you to provide critical records, including your annual notice and investigations from the past year, within 45 days of getting a violation. Plus, after August 2025, these records must also include the reports for your XRF inspection as per LL31. You may also be required to provide up to 10 years of records. And that, my friends, is exactly why I always say, “Having an excellent record-keeping system is GOLD!”

Insert shameless plug for the Jaffa deFINEd app here, which allows you to track, manage, record, and create reports directly from your phone. But we’re not bragging or anything.

So what’s the good news? This legislation is only going into effect in September of 2024. So, for now, you’re good. However, with this law affecting more than just your record production, you may want to review the law carefully and ensure that you’re all set up for absolute compliance when it goes into effect.

You can check out Nate Weinberg’s (our Director of Lead Investigation) blog for everything you need to know about this new Lead Legislation (try saying that ten times quickly) 

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