Jaffa Kicks Off 1010 WINS / Bioheat Coat Drive

Jack Jaffa & Associates rolled out their 2017 “New York WARM” Initiative by kicking off this year’s 1010 WINS / Bioheat Coat Drive by donating 500 parkers to New Yorkers in need. While this will be the fourth consecutive year that 1010 Wins is partnering with New York Oil Heating Association/Bioheat to distribute free winter coats, this will be the first time Jaffa will be donating to the noble cause. See 1010’s tweet here.

As COO Michael Jaffa related to 1010 Wins reporter Al Jones, “Jack started his consulting company out of concern of the safety for his fellow New Yorkers. He would see the living conditions of the poor living in buildings near his home in Brooklyn and his heart would go out for the tenants living in unsafe conditions and without heat. That led him to pioneer his concept of a consulting company to assist landlords in providing a safe and warm living environment for New York City residents.”

“Jack lives his winter keeping New Yorkers warm in mind,” noted Michael. “When I heard Jack was giving out hundreds of new coats I wasn’t surprised- it’s a natural outgrowth of his concern for keeping New Yorkers safe and warm. Through Jack’s generosity, he now has the opportunity to provide brand new coats to New York’s homeless population, thereby keeping ALL New Yorkers warm – both those living in homes and those who are unfortunately homeless.”

Jack Jaffa & Associates is proud to introduce our New York WARM Initiative. It’s just a start to a host of similarly themed campaigns that we are planning.

We’re doing our part in keeping New Yorkers warm outside. Now do your part in keeping them warm, safe, and compliant when inside. Call us at 718 855-6110 to learn what we can do for the health and safety of your buildings today.