The Stove Safety Initiative: A JaffaCares Project

As the anniversary of the devastating Belmont fire draws near, NYC officials are looking for ways to prevent such tragedies from occurring again. The fire was caused by a young child accidentally turning on an unprotected stove last year and with the apartment door open, the fire spread rapidly through the building.  The blaze claimed thirteen lives of New York City residents and has left in its wake numerous devastated families. However, at the same time, it may have sparked a new law that will save countless lives, as well as the new JaffaCares initiative, which will help New Yorkers stay safe.

In recent months, the Jaffa Team met with survivors of the tragic fire and was moved by how utterly preventable this tragedy could have been. It was this heart-wrenching meeting combined with laws being proposed by Councilman Torres and Borough President Diaz which propelled the company to take action and create a Stove Safety Initiative as part of their JaffaCares program.

In conjunction with the new law (Local Law 117) that was signed into effect last Thursday, December 6th, JaffaCares was honored and proud to partner with Councilman Torres, Borough President Diaz and 1010WINS last Tuesday, December 4th at a press conference announcing both the new law and the JaffaCares initiative.

The law requires all building owners:

  • To distribute safety covers for stove knobs to tenants with children six years and under.
  • Provide stove knob covers in units without young children if the tenant requests them.
  • Distribute an annual notice to tenants advising them of their right to request stove knob covers and provide safety covers within thirty days of sending the annual notice.
  • Post signs in visible areas regarding fire safety including reminding tenants to close doors if a fire breaks out.

In response to this new law, JaffaCares is supplying these safety covers free of charge to all New York residents.   As New York’s largest compliance consultant firm, Jaffa is committed to making New York City a safer place to live and therefore was excited by the opportunity to implement this life-saving initiative.

Together with Councilman Torres and Borough President Diaz, Jack Jaffa spoke about the importance of the newly drafted law and how safety covers are a small price to pay to keep New York residents safe.   He expressed his honor in being able to play a small part in keeping New Yorkers safe and in preventing fires like last year’s fire from occurring.  He also thanked the councilmen for pushing through this crucial law and for advocating for the safety of their constituents.

The free safety covers were delivered to many NY councilmen allowing them to distribute them to their constituents and many other councilmen have already reached out to Jaffa requesting to be part of the program.  JaffaCares is looking into how they can expand the program and other ways they can continue to keep New Yorkers safe.

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