Jaffa Employees Go to the XTREME!

Through their work helping property owners stay compliant and violation free, the Jaffa employees are no strangers to ensuring that all New Yorkers have a safe roof over their head. But this past Sunday, they took it one step further and took part in the Ohel Xtreme Challenge Classic. Raising awareness and funds for OHEL’s work helping NY’s homeless, at risk and simply those who cannot fend for themselves, the JAFFA TEAM XTREME took a break from crushing violations and crushed the OHEL obstacle course instead.

The challenge took place on the beautiful Camp Kaylie campus in Wurtsboro, NY and featured a series of obstacles both Jaffa employees and family members tackled. And while the course was challenging, the Jaffa Team members recognized that it was in no way as challenging as the daily obstacles that face the individuals OHEL helps on a regular basis. Building upon the teamwork that is crucial part of the Jaffa culture and which allows them to be so effective in tracking, managing, and resolving their clients’ compliances and violations, the team trudged through mud, climbed over walls and completed various obstacles together; feeling exhausted, filthy and exhilarated at the end of the day.  After a particularly grueling challenge, Jaffa COO, Michael Jaffa, commented “tackling challenges is what our team thrives on so today almost feels like a day in the office, just in with a new set of challenges, in a new environment, and towards a great cause”.

All who were a part of the event were honored for the opportunity to give back to the community they serve every day and were excited to have a day of good old fashioned fun!

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